Response of Tomato to Homa Organic Farming Practices

An investigation was carried out at Main Agricultural Research station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka during kharif season 2010, to study response of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) to Homa Organic Farming practices.


The field experiment was laid out in completely randomised block design with 11 treatments exposed to Homa atmosphere replicated thrice.
Objectives of Investigation:
To study the effect of Homa organic farming practices on:

  1. The growth, yield and quality of tomato.

Activation of a Homa Resonance Point in 'Casa Picaflores' Farm, Naguabo, Rio Blanco, Puerto Rico

'Casa Picaflores' is the beautiful farm of Mrs. Barbara Rogers in Naguabo, Rio Blanco, Puerto Rico. She invited us there to establish a Resonance Point on her farm.

Our 'Agnihotra Garden' - Madison, VA, USA

         Mrs Lisa Powers from Madison, Virginia, USA, shares her experiences with the 'Agnihotra Garden':

      "In our neighborhood, several families practice Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa, so our garden benefits from Homa atmosphere.

Homa Farm of Don Ismael in Barinas, Venezuela

Jesus Manuel Pineda Rivas (photo right), wrote from Mérida, Venezuela:

Don Ismael and his son Alberto (photo below) live in the plains of Barinas state, Venezuela (5 hours from Merida). Don Ismael's mother is the owner of the farm. She has been very careful not to allow poisons on her farm. Don Ismael, following the wishes of his mother, sought and asked around until he got my phone number.

Homa Organic Farming Workshop in 'Satsang' Farm, Curacavi, Chile

Ms Karina Ohme shares about an event in her Farm 'Satsang':
"A Homa Organic Farming workshop was conducted by the agricultural engineers Carolina Morales and Paula Heinsohn (Sukhmani), both with extensive experiences in Ecological Homa Farming.

Agnihotra on 'Gavisa' Farm in Togo, West Africa

Marco Brutschin (Photo right with his friend Komla, a farmer in Togo, West Africa) shares his experience:

       "My farmer friend Komla from the village Yépévié, Kpalime in Togo,  told me, that after starting with Agnihotra, despite the current drought, it rained heavily on his farm, but not in the surrounding areas.
    It has also helped him greatly with his health.
I asked him to write something about his experiences with Agnihotra for the Homa Newsletter and here are excerpts from his letter:"

Homa Farm of Dr Jaime Montufar, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Dr. Jaime Montufar from Guayaquil,
Ecuador, South America, shares:

    "I've been practicing Homa Therapy for 16 years with much love and dedication. The farm we have, through the benefits of Homa Therapy, is now a paradise. The Divine has blessed us greatly. We plant cocoa, bananas, pineapples, oranges, lemon, beans, avocado, coffee, mango, bell pepper, cucumber, papayas, guavas, noni and species of medicinal plants for preparing certain medicines used in the Homa Medical Center 'the Good Shepherd'.

Homa Farm Tenjo, Colombia

Maria Teresa Nuñez
Homa Farm Tenjo
Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America

Excerpts from Maria Teresa's letter:
    "Little by little by "Divine Grace" and directed from the highest and most profound instances this Homa farm came into existence. It is supported by my son Sebastian, my employees, the inhabitants of this place and some practitioners who visit us on full and new moons.
    The Homa farm just had its fourth anniversary. During this time, little by little, step by step, we have been cleaning and healing this place through the Fires.
Now, it is a wonderful paradise, where we give thanks and praise from the moment we open our eyes for being allowed to live here...

Homa Farm Joselito, Loma Negra, Piura, Peru

Loma Negra, Piura, Peru

Homa Technician Andres Arango, responsible for the practice of the Homa Fires (photo left):
"In this banana farm we have observed two stages: one without Homa Therapy applications and the other, post or with Homa Technology, when the correct and proper implementation of this Super Technology began.
       Before the implementation of Homa technology, certain nutritional practices for a sustainable growth of the banana cultivation, as recommended by experts, were applied.

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya | A Centre of Light for Europe

Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming International Ecovillage, the only one of its kind in Poland. Since 1995, Bhrugu Aranya has grown from a small organic farm into a holistic educational centre.

Here, in this unique atmosphere, people come to experience healing, meditation, organic gardening and unity with nature on a profound level.

This is an educational centre for learning about Homa Therapy & the Ayurvedic fire practice of Agnihotra in an experiential way.

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