Summer Festival at Homa Hof, Heiligenberg, Germany

On 23rd of July 2011, a summer festival was held at the Homa Farm called ‘Homa Hof’ at Heiligenberg (southern Germany), which was well received.

This Homa farm was founded in 1988 and is run by over 60 honorary members. Beside morning and evening Agnihotra, other disciplines are practiced regularly as recommended by Shree Vasant (5 o’clock morning mantra, Vyahruti Homas at 10,12,15,18, and 21 and Om Tryambakam Homa is maintained at least 4 hours daily). In addition, on many occasions the Tryambakam Homa is practiced for 24 hours or more. In an area of 20 hectares, 8 ha are used for agriculture, which are managed with great success applying Homa Therapy techniques. (Please also see Homa Hof testimony)
Every 3-4 weeks free information sessions are offered.

Approximately 70 visitors came from near and far for the summer meeting and at various points of the farm different activities were offered. These were:

  • Field inspection led by knowledgeable guides in order to learn about the Homa vegetables (above photo)
  • Workshop for drying cow dung (below photo)
  • Tips and demonstrations for the proper preparation of ghee used in the Homa fires (above photo)
  • Explanation of the special Homa treatment our 22 bee colonies receive
  • Learning and chanting of Homa Mantras (below photo)
  • A children’s program, handcrafting an Agnihotra pyramid and an Agnihotra badge (above photo)

At this summer festival the physical wellbeing was also taken care of. In the improvised big barn a large selection of cakes and vegetarian delights were offered. (below photo)

Our little farm shop was equipped with informative books, good music and Agnihotra materials. We presented with great joy the recently published book “Agnihotra” by Horst and Birgitt Heigl.

At our large market stand, visitors could admire and purchase a wide variety of our fresh and magnificent Homa vegetables. (above photo)

The whole day was marked by lots of joy. The highlight and completion was the massive evening Agnihotra. We had approximately 40 Agnihotra fires on the lawn and the wonderful atmosphere of the day increased again noticeably.
Sending all love from Germany.

Homa Hof, Germany


22 year-old Homa Farm

“We can look back on 22 years of experience on the Homa Farm Heiligenberg. In an area of 20 hectares, 8 ha are used for agriculture, which are managed with great success. The results are convincing.”

  • The Homa grown vegetables taste far better than conventional organic vegetables.
  • They have much more resistance to pests and drought (spectacular observations regarding the potato bug, powdery mildew, lack of water, low maintenance, tree diseases).
  • The Homa vegetables are exceptionally big considering the altitude of our location (about 730 m above sea level) and the short growing season (from early May, sometimes in mid-April until late October). The climate is rather harsh and not quite optimal for large scale vegetable farming without using a poly tunnel or greenhouse.
  • We have hardly any problem with plant diseases. If a problem emerges, due to wet and cold weather, we are able to hold it in its limits applying the Agnihotra ash water spray.
  • Snails find their places among the lettuce heads, without eating the lettuce heads and the healthy leaves.
  • A very striking observation was that the structure of the veggies in Homa farming obviously changes. The structure is more harmonic and pronounced.
  • Taste, size, color, scent, smell of the Homa vegetables and fruits are incomparable.”