Engineer Godofredo Garcia Perez’ Report

Piura, Peru
South America


“We continue progressing with the Homa Therapy on our farm with good results. The mango variety ‘Kent’ flowered late but it did flower and this is the reason that the harvest will be late, but with a very good projection.”

“The neighboring farms flowered very little or they did not flower at all in most cases.”

Engineer Irma Jimenez’ Report

Homa Farm: El Aromo
Piura, Peru
South America

cow pea
powdery mildew

“We have a National Program for plague control, for which I make evaluations. I am a professional and objective person and now I was able to evaluate the good results with Homa Therapy.”

“From the time I started these evaluations, I did them with a scientific approach.
In this case we are talking about the Farm ‘El Aromo’ in the valley of Alto Piura.”

“We began the evaluations in the cultivation of the beans variety ‘cow pea’ and the results were truly surprising. I observed that there was an infestation of powdery mildew in ‘El Aromo,’ but with insignificant percentage, which began to attack to the cow pea. But simultaneously a bio-control program was initiated exclusively with Lady Beetles that feed on the powdery mildew fungus. That truly surprised me. In ‘El Aromo’ just by the methods of Homa Therapy the production reached 4000 kg per hectare approximately.”

“At the same time in the area of Chauchape cultivation with cow pea was also undertaken and evaluations were made. Then I began to compare: Chauchape had 100 hectares of cow pea under the same climatic conditions. The disease powdery mildew also attacked in Chauchape. These gentlemen worked with an agricultural company, they grew everything with chemical fertilizers. Due to financial problems they suspended their chemical applications and they had ZERO production.”

From left: Homa Technician, Lidia Ato, Engineer Irma Jiménez and owner of “El Aromo” Mr. Klaus Mucke.