Pest and Disease Management with Homa Therapy

  • Homa Organic Farming is totally non-violent.
  • It is the only farming system which is totally non-violent.
  • In Homa Organic Farming we do not kill anything, not even so-called dangerous pests.
  • In Homa Organic Farming pests and diseases are approached in a different way: non-adversarial, non-antagonistic.
  • All insects, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc are a part of Nature and have their role to play.
  • Agnihotra and Homa Therapy encourage balance in Nature.
  • All species come into balance with each other.
  • The so-called dangerous pests are controlled by predators (friends of the farmer) which appear automatically in a balanced environment.
  • Use of chemicals destroys this fine balance in Nature.

Occasionally it may be necessary to use special Homa preparations in order to control serious pest and disease attack. Some preparations have been found to be very useful in this regard. These preparations are not designed to kill, but rather to strengthen the health of the plants so that they can resist the attack. Insect plagues are a sign of great imbalance in Nature caused by man’s use of chemical poisons. In the balanced Homa eco-system both friendly insects and also pests will be present. But because they are balanced this has no negative impact on the Homa farmer.

Following are some success stories of farmers who have solved pest and disease problems with the techniques of Homa Organic Farming.

Black Sigatoka Fungus in Banana
Tea Mosquito in Cashew Nut
Piroplasmosis in Cattle
Moniliasis Fungus in Cocoa
Leaf-eating Caterpillar in Coconut
American boll worm and Bronze Wilt in Cotton
Powdery Mildew in Cowpea
Citrus Mites, Quick Decline Virus, Sooty Bark, Leaf Miners and several other pests in Lemon
Powdery Mildew, Mango Hopper and Mealy Bug in Mango
Potato Blight
Woolly Aphid in Sugarcane
Fungal and Bacterial Infection in Tea Plantation