My Homa Experience with Our Mango Tree, Huilas, Colombia

Yesenia Rojas Rubio,
Huilas, Colombia, South America

     I want to share my experience with our mango tree.  This tree produced only mangoes which were cracked open, bad and not fit for consumption.  It had some parasites, fungus or plague that made the mango rot from the inside out.

     But we did not want to use chemical fertilizers.
       Then, when I began to apply Agnihotra ash regularly we could observe that little by little the mangoes improved, the cracks closed and towards the end of the season. We had 100% healthy and organic mangos!
      When harvesting the last one, I made this photo, where one can see that the mango is completely healthy. They have an excellent taste and sweetness. I am very, very happy and grateful for so much blessing!

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