Activation of the Ten Resonance Pyramids

Activation of the ten pyramids is done only once in the Agnihotra hut or in the place where the Agnihotra hut is going to be built. All pyramids are charged at the same time with fire and Mantra. Altogether, this takes about 20 minutes. Afterwards, the ash is removed from all the pyramids except the main one, mixed with water and given to any sick tree or any other plants in the area.

The main pyramid, which has been charged first, is buried in the Agnihotra hut, about 50cm deep. Some of the ash from the main pyramid goes along with it into the ground. According to ancient science, as the earth rotates, contact is kept between the sun and this particular point.

It is important that all the pyramids face exactly the same direction as when they were activated, i.e. the side which was facing east during activation, should remain facing east.