Applications of Homa Biosol on Horticulture Crops

 Photo: Effect of application of Homa Biosol on crop fruiting in Bhargava Dham, Elqui Valley

Carolina Morales Pavez,
Elqui Valley, Chile

Horticulture crops must be provided constantly with the necessary nutrition in order to facilitate both growth and development; that means so that it can generate its botanical structures such as the root, stem, leaf, flowers and fruition among others.

     Homa Biosol is a biofertilizer whose chemical composition is of importance for plants as it contains soluble nitrogen (N) concentrations of 305 mg/l, soluble phosphorus (P2O5) 117 mg/l, soluble potassium (K2O) 898 mg/l Soluble Calcium (CaO) 594 mg/l, Soluble Magnesium (MgO) 304 mg/l (Agrolab, 2013).

      We can use liquid biosol for foliar application to nourish the vegetable kingdom, as well as we can reconstruct soil health with Biosol and treat diseased plants.

    Applications must be weekly and permanently. Consider that before filling a sprayer equipment, the biosol must be well filtered so it cannot clog the pores.

     The dosage is to dilute 1 liter of biosol in 15 liters of water, which can be applied as foliar and/or via irrigation.

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