Homa Biosol

Homa Biosol is a liquid bio-fertilizer based on Agnihotra ash which was developed by Gloria Guzman Mendez in Peru, South America. It is prepared under anaerobic conditions in a bio-digester. Agnihotra Ash has a significant positive effect on all the materials used in the preparation of Biosol.

Biosol can be used as a foliar application to nourish plant kingdom or applied directly to the soil to rebuild soil health.

Biosol Concentrate may be diluted at the rate 1:15.

Materials Used

(For 500 litre tank)

1. Earth worm castings (vermicompost) 80 kg
2. Fresh cow dung 80 kg
3. Cow urine (optional) 10 liter
4. Agnihotra Ash 250g
5. Copper Shree Yantra disc 1 unit
6. Water 200 liter


The bio-digester tank may be of 500 liters or 1,000 liters in volume. It is filled with organic matter and Agnihotra ash water solution. It may be in the form of cylindrical rigid plastic tank or a cement tank with gas outlet, liquid outlet and a lid. Care should be taken that after filling the material in proper proportion lid should be sealed carefully to avoid air leakage.

The diameter of gas outlet should be one inch (1”). Outlet for Biosol liquid should be of six inches (6”) diameter and oriented so as to facilitate easy removal of Biosol.


  1. Put one Copper Shree Yantra at the bottom of the tank facing upwards.
    (Shree Yantra geometrical design is engraved in copper and, according to traditional knowledge, is a powerful energy attractor).
  2. Make two hundred liters Agnihotra ash water solution (i.e. 250g Agnihotra Ash in two hundred liters of water). Let it stand for 3 days before use.
  3. Collect 80kg fresh cow dung, 80kg vermicompost and 10 liters cow urine (optional).
  4. Mix vermicompost, fresh cow dung and Agnihotra ash water together thoroughly in a vessel outside the tank. Pour the slurry from this vessel into the tank. Make sure all ingredients are mixed well and the valves are closed before pouring.
  5. Seal the tank and keep for about 30 days.

In this way filling of 160 kilos of organic matter + ten liters cow urine + 200 liters of Agnihotra Ash water solution is done. Make sure that all the material is fully stirred. Seal the lid with adhesive or silicone glue and Teflon tape. Care should be taken that glue does not fall into the tank while sealing.

Fix a hose pipe to the gas outlet and run the hose into a bucket of water so that gas can escape as it is formed without allowing extra air to enter the tank.
For about thirty days the bio-digestion of organic matter is taking place in the presence of Agnihotra Ash. In cool climate it might take longer.

After thirty days, when the bio-digestion is complete, the outlet valve is opened to remove the Biosol liquid. It should be filled in air tight plastic cans of suitable sizes. The moist solid material which remains after removing Biosol liquid should be squeezed and more liquid Biosol can be collected. We may get about two hundred liters of Biosol liquid.

If we preserve Biosol liquid in air-tight cans it will last longer, say about six months. Left over solid Biosol which has maximum macro nutrients can be mixed with any type of organic manure at a ratio of 1:5.

Application of Homa Biosol

  • As plant food
  • When plants are diseased
  • To control insect and pest attack
  • To rejuvenate plants and enhance plant growth