University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka, India

The University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad, has been experimenting with Homa Organic Farming for several years now.

Dr P W Basarkar, Head of Department, Plant Biochemistry, who has started Homa Therapy at UAS, Dharwad, said: “Organic farming is not new for our country. In fact, it originated in India. It is known to purify soil and water only, but this (Homa) technique can purify air in surrounding areas of the farm, thus ensuring that the air-borne diseases don’t harm the crops in any way.”

Delving deeper, Basarkar says, “We have been testing this method on soy bean, cabbage, okra and tomato for the past two years and have received cent per cent results.”

The technique can be used anywhere: a house, garden or a farm. However, to cover a larger area, a hut is constructed with four pyramids installed inside. People who have been using the technique vouch for it.

The UAS, Dharwad, too, has been trying to spread the message among farmers. Says Director (Research) P M Salimath: “We have been looking at the impact of the therapy on the plants. Today, we have a few students who are carrying out research on the effects of Homa on different crops. We have been trying to spread the message among the farmers in neighbouring areas. We have started a diploma course for poor farmers to make them aware that there is a way other than using artificial harmful pesticides.”

Study of Homa Organic Farming on Soybean
Study of Homa Organic Farming on Tomato
Study of Homa Organic Farming on Cabbage
Study of Homa Organic Farming on Okra