Why Homa Organic Farming?

We think we have found technological paradise. It will be our hell in the next years. Whether we like it or not we have already handed ourselves on a silver platter of technology into the jaws of death.

We have reached a stage where there are no reliable uncontaminated natural resources. All of our water supply is polluted. In some areas there are severe droughts and in others terrific floods. Pollution is the disease. HOMA IS THE CURE.

Micro organisms are rapidly dying in the soil. Now we must rely upon scientific means to undo the effects of polluted conditions in atmosphere, soil, water and on all life forms. There will be no food to eat in the future unless there is HOMA atmosphere.

Organic farming methods which used to give wonderful results even fifteen years ago now fail to do so, due to hybrid pollution. The solution is Homa Organic Farming.

Modern science of agriculture lays stress only on soil quality and to a lesser extent water quality. It has nothing to say about the atmosphere. But according to the ancient science of Homa Therapy, atmosphere is the biggest factor in producing healthy and nutritious plant growth. If you make the atmosphere more nutritious and fragrant by performing Homa, a type of protective coating comes on plants, and diseases, fungi, pests, etc. do not thrive.

With Homa Organic Farming we can grow crops without using chemicals and pesticides. We can get maximum yield out of minimum agricultural area. We can keep the soil fertile, the water pure, and the atmosphere nutritious. With HOMA we heal the atmosphere, injecting nutrients into it and as a result the healed atmosphere prevents disease and attracts natural predators.

How the seed is treated, when the seed is to be planted, how to nourish the crops, how and when to harvest, is all contained in the Vedas, specifically in the sub-branch known as Vruksha Ayurveda (Ayurveda for the plant kingdom) which is now presented in the modern context as Homa Organic Farming.