Visit of Agriculture Students to Bhargava Dham, Elqui Valley, Chile

Carolina Morales

During the month of August 2022, a volunteer program was offered to a group of students from the Technician in Ecological Agriculture career course. There were 14 people who participated for 3 days in Bhargava Dham, located in the Elqui Valley.

During the program there was outstanding support provided by
Carlos Bustamante and Milena
-Daily practice of Sunrise and Sunset Agnihotra
-Daily practice Gayatri Mantra at noon
-Pruning Fruit orchard: fig, pear, apricots trees.
-Application of compost and Agnihotra ash.
-Fivefold Path Workshop.
-Sanskrit and Mantras workshop.

In addition, the volunteer students enjoyed the Cochiguaz River and pursued relaxation and recreation activities.

The main objective of this visit was to EXPERIENCE the practice and discipline of Homa Therapy and its application in agriculture, through fun, participatory activities that allow the volunteer to personally and collectively experience the applicability of the effects of a Homa environment and in such an important energy point for the planet-

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