Agnihotra Hut

The main hut or Agnihotra hut is where the AGNIHOTRA fire is performed daily at sunrise and sunset. It is ideal to build this hut in the centre of the farm, if possible. Size should be approximately 3 x 4 meters, the longer side aligned with the EAST/WEST axis. Entrance has to be from the WEST and one will sit down facing EAST to do the fires.

Near the EAST wall and parallel to it, a hole of approximately 50 cm depth and 30cm x 30cm should be dug.

After activation, once the main pyramid is buried, a column of mud is built on top of it, to an approximate height of 50cm above floor level and another activated pyramid is placed on top of it, directly above the buried pyramid and aligned exactly to the east. This way, the pyramid on the column is at heart level of the person sitting on the floor in front of the column. The pyramid on the column will not be used again, but acts as a Resonance Pyramid.

Then two of the other activated pyramids are placed on smaller mud platforms on the right-hand and left-hand side in front of the main column. The one on the left is for daily AGNIHOTRA and the one on the right is for the performance of other occasional Homa fires. Altogether there are four pyramids in this hut.

The practice of Agnihotra in this hut has to be started at sunset. It is like switching on this point at sunset. The Agnihotra hut is a place of silence, no words, other than the specific Mantras, are spoken inside. This way there is no interference with the subtle healing energies. This hut is the Generator of Healing Energies.