Homa Farm of Don Ismael in Barinas, Venezuela

Jesus Manuel Pineda Rivas (photo right), wrote from Mérida, Venezuela:
Don Ismael and his son Alberto (photo below) live in the plains of Barinas state, Venezuela (5 hours from Merida). Don Ismael’s mother is the owner of the farm. She has been very careful not to allow poisons on her farm. Don Ismael, following the wishes of his mother, sought and asked around until he got my phone number.

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Alejandra Mendez’ Story

South America

“Behind our house in Merida, is a small plot of land (4m x 5m), which we use as an orchard and we do composting there with natural waste. I want to share with you some experiences I have observed in this little area:”

  • “In that garden there are many papaya trees, which we never sowed, but grew from seeds thrown out of the window. We had about 17 trees, which was too much for the little space and a gardener told us to take out all the male trees. By accident one male tree was left, which can be distinguished through its fruits being born out of some strands and not from the shaft, as is the case with the female trees. The male tree doesn’t usually give fruits and if it produces some, they fall off when they are still green and small. This was also the case with this Papaya tree. It produced small fruits and they were still green when they fell from the tree. We did not want to cut the tree, because a little hummingbird came to visit the tree every day. After a short time we realized that the fruits of the papaya tree were growing and now we have a male tree full with plenty of papayas.
  • “3 months ago we transplanted a fruit tree, called Chinese Nispero. The fact that this tree was 70 cm high, made it somehow difficult. The same day we did Agnihotra beside the tree and already after a very short time new leaves came up and so we saw, that the tree had made it. What really astonished us extremely was the speed, with which the tree grows. Now after 3 months it has a height of 1.5 meters.
  • “Another transplant was done with my mother’s favorite bush, which had been taken out accidentally, thinking that it was just a mount. The following days we saw the leaves drying up and we thought, that the bush is dead. Then, some days later we could observe how new little leaves were born and just recently this bush gave us the most wonderful flowers.
  • “My sister María Cecilia, who was working with Homa Therapy on a Plantain Plantation, brought us an offshoot of a plant. We live at 1.700 m above sea level and plantains usually grow in hot climate. We did harvested some plantains, not a full cluster, but they were fat. The mother plant also had some offspring. My friend commented that her father had tried to plant a plantain, but it never gained on height and we had plantains in our house!!!
  • “In the residential group where I live there are many banana plants and we are always full with bananas. Our gardener said, that since we live here he had not seen so much banana crop and the best is that they are sweet and very rich. The green bananas are also soft and full of flavor when we boil them.
  • “We get more and more visits of birds and more exotic and more beautiful species come. The squirrels are also coming closer to the house and in occasions the birds enter the house.
  • We sowed Passionfruit seeds two months ago. I made a very deep hole and put Agnihotra ash with the seeds. I was told that the seeds will not sprout, since the hole was too deep. Nevertheless, after a little time the first buds came out and now the bush has grown so much, that we put some wires for it to coil up. The colors of the leaves are so brilliant that you know immediately how healthy this plant is.
  • “In front of the entrance of the house a guava tree has been born without anybody sowing it, the same happened with 2 mango trees amid stones.

“The interesting part of all these experiences is, that there was no method or control, however in all the things that were sown, the results have been wonderful. How much more will it be if the whole orchard is a little more organized. Also, like our Teacher Vasant says, it is important that a technician makes observations. We live in the Era of Science and observations and reports on what is happening in this small orchard thanks to Therapy Homa is indispensable for agronomists and for everybody. It shows that we can cultivate perfectly without the use of any synthetic chemicals.”