Planting the Seeds

In temperate climatic zones one needs to start seeds indoors before the last frost date, plant intensively in the beds and plan for a fall crop. When first starting a garden, it is helpful for future yields if green leafy vegetables are planted in initial stages. This will enable one to grow anything suitable to the climate later on.

Alfalfa (Lucerne grass) can be grown on most farms. It puts something special in the atmosphere, and adds something more when grown by Homa organic farming methods. Also set aside part of the planting area for soya beans if possible, as these also contain special healing and nutritional properties when grown with Homa methods.

Phases of the moon

Phases of the moon by which we plant have a great deal to do with the success of Homa gardening. Plant on a no moon day or full moon day, depending on the type of seed planted. Try planting root crops on or before the new moon and above ground crops on or before a full moon day. On full and new moon in particular, when 24 hour round-the-clock Om Tryambakam Homa is performed, the atmosphere is saturated with ghee carrying micro-nutrients and the high vibrations of Sanskrit Mantras into the garden. This is an optimum time for planting.

When you plant the seeds, try to be full of love, do Mantra, and be clean in body and mind.

Plant the seeds with Agnihotra ash. It can be sprinkled along with the seeds down each row. As you water the newly planted seeds, Mantra should be done while pouring Agnihotra ash water over your right hand.

See moon calendar of Maria Thun, The Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2010, by Maria Thun, Matthias K. Thun, Publisher: Floris Books (15 Nov 2009) ISBN-10: 0863157068 ISBN-13: 978-0863157066)

Transplanting Seedlings

When transplanting seedlings out into the garden, be sure to plant them with Agnihotra ash around the roots.

Planting or transplanting should never be done in the heat of the day. The best time for transplanting is at the end of the day. Om Tryambakam Homa can be performed in the garden while the planting is going on.

Women in monthly period should never plant or venture near the garden.