Agnihotra Gives Protection during Australian Bush Fires

Jessica Cowley-Martin
Valley de Caparra, Phoenix, NSW, Australia
February 2020

I thought it might be helpful to tell my story and give others some understanding and hope when realizing the incredible protective field that can be created by the practice of Agnihotra.
I think it was sometime in September of 2019 that I felt an urgent kind of gut feeling that I should start practicing Agnihotra again. Continue reading “Agnihotra Gives Protection during Australian Bush Fires”

Homa Farms are Covered by a Protective Shield

Lee and Frits Ringma,
Homa Therapy Association of Australia
Homa farm
"Om Shree Dham" (O.S.D.)
Sweetmans Creek, NSW, Australia

The Homa Biosphere seemingly acting as ‘a ring-pass-not’ giving Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre at Sweetmans Creek, NSW, protection.

Photo below left: The dark shading are the 2 bush fires. The one on the left is massive. The one on the right came up to 1 km away. The lighter green shading represents bushland that was as dry as kindling yet the fire did not traverse towards us.
Below right: O.S.D. cow paddock in drought and saturated in smoke. There was no feed for the cows in the paddock but by Grace we were always supplied with hay.

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“Om Shree Dham” – Homa Therapy Centre for Australia

  Anthony, (a Woofer from France working on our veggie gardens – 1st photo below), from the first day here, could feel the extraordinary peace and understood it was created by Homa Therapy. Sitting for Agnihotra with us every day and other Homas, he asked if he could perform his own Agnihotra. He read the Information package that we supply with an Agnihotra kit, learned the sunrise, sunset mantras from the mantra CD and 5 days after arrival here, he performed his first Agnihotra. He loved the energy he could feel. We were all beaming from ear to ear. Somehow when a new person takes up Agnihotra there is celebration in the heavens and on the earth! Continue reading ““Om Shree Dham” – Homa Therapy Centre for Australia”

Organic Farming Experiences with Agnihotra in Australia

– Catherine Menyhart

The impact of performing daily Agnihotra on our land has been significant, yet subtle. I also perform an Om Tryambakam Yajnya for 15 minutes before each Agnihotra, in a separate copper pyramid.

We own 70 bush acres in semi-arid conditions, in Central Victoria, Australia, and found producing organic vegetables, herbs and fruits quite a challenge.

Our topsoil was almost non-existent, but over the years, we have found that by regularly performing Agnihotra, along with organic farming principles, the soil and ecosystem on our property is now rich with healthy growth of plants, vegetables, fruit trees, insects, birds and wildlife.

Our vegetable garden
Our vegetable garden

Our diseased stone fruit trees had healed themselves without any other intervention except daily practice of Agnihotra and liberal application of Agnihotra ash on tree trunks.

We have wicking garden beds to preserve water in this arid climate, but also feed all our produce with Agnihotra ash mixed up in the watering system and composts. Our garden is always healthy and in abundance- such a difference from the past.  Seeds from our vegetables are strong and viable.

Honey production
Honey production



Our bees thrive, despite the dry heat of summer; in fact, working every day in our gardens we see two other breeds of native bees, which also enjoy the abundance of our gardens and bush land. Our honey is medicinal and we use it mixed with Agnihotra ash for insect bites and other stinging wounds.

Our calendula salves are made with plants grown right next to where we practice Agnihotra and made with our own beeswax, mixed also with a little Agnihotra ash.  We have had amazing results for all types of skin diseases when using this.

Calendula salve
Calendula salve

Each day we wake to an amazing chorus of birdsong, which continues throughout the day– something that was absent before Agnihotra. Animals and birds know when the land is healthy.

We often have feedback from guests, that they feel a sense of rejuvenation, well-being and peace when staying here. Indeed, both my partner and I find it a wrench to leave our property whenever we need to work away from home.  We have become sensitive to harmony–it’s quite tangible, this absence of it.

Apart from the physical advantages of practicing daily Agnihotra, we have found that doing this regularly keeps us focused on our spiritual responsibility to actively work at keeping balance and harmony in our lives.

Lee Ringma’s Story

Homa Farm: Om Shree Dham
Hunter Valley, NSW

saline water

The Gift of Water

Perhaps the most miraculous demonstration of how Homa heals Nature with Divine Intelligence and Love, and how Nature in turn responds to the true needs of the people who are helping Her, is the story around our bore well.

When we purchased the land in 1994,it was in drought and the only source of water was harvested rainwater held in concrete tanks. With ongoing drought, we had to resort to recycling our water. The bath water washed the clothes and the dishwashing and clothes washing water watered the non-food trees and plants. One day, a water diviner turned up and after thoroughly dowsing the land, he told us there were no underground streams to speak of. However, we had a bore well drilled, despite the prognosis of the diviner.

Attracting Healthy Water Resources

Sub-Artesian water was found at thirty-three meters (100 Feet). It was laboratory tested and found to be HIGHLY SALINE AND ALKALINE. So, here was an opportunity to see what HOMA Therapy could do. We did AGNIHOTRA by the bore and regularly placed AGNIHOTRA ASH down the bore well. The State Department of Water Resources was conducting regular tests on the bore wells in our neighbourhood and we were all amazed to see the salinity and alkalinity drop with each lab report until we had POTABLE DRINKING WATER.

The story does not stop there however. Another diviner, highly renowned for his intuitive ability, recently turned up at Om Shree Dham to learn about Homa Therapy. He was interested in divining the land. After walking the land, he came to us saying that the underground water was acting very strangely. He said it traveled along a certain course, then made a sharp ninety degree turn, proceeded under the fire hut and to the other side of the property and then turned back on itself and continued back to the original course along the other side of the property. We asked him to show us where it turned back on itself. It had made a beeline for the borehole and then returned to its original course! We had not told this diviner that we had a bore well and, as a shed is built around it, there was no way he could have known it was there.

The Beauty and Effectiveness of Homa

Over the years, we have experienced and it has been noticed by others frequently, how the land has taken on a much greener, lush and harmonious mantle compared to the surroundings that reflect the harsh, over-farmed nature of the Hunter Valley in general. In drought, we have had so many incidents of timely rain nurturing recently planted seedlings. It has even happened that it would rain over Om Shree Dham alone, miraculously demonstrating the PRESENCE OF THE HOMA BIOSPHERE.