Treating the Atmosphere

The main difference between Homa organic farming and other organic farming techniques is that Homa farming regards the atmosphere as the most important source of nutrition, whereas in any other farming practices today the atmosphere is almost totally neglected.

Ancient science of Homa Therapy states that more than 75% of nutrition to plants and soil comes through the atmosphere.

Homa organic farming injects nutrients into the atmosphere to nourish the plants, to prevent disease, bring natural predators and nutritious, timely rains. So if you make the atmosphere more nutritious and fragrant by Homa, a type of protective coating comes on plants and diseases, fungi, pests, etc. do not thrive. Plants’ capacity to breathe increases and the toxic choking effect due to atmospheric pollution is eliminated.

AGNIHOTRA is the basis of HOMA Farming. This should be performed twice daily in the Agnihotra hut. If cow dung and ghee are readily available they should be used in greater quantity when doing Agnihotra. The Agnihotra pyramid is a generator of life-sustaining energies.

Om Tryambakam Homa should be done as many hours as possible, up to four hours daily and up to 24 hours on full moon and new moon days. Om Tryambakam Homa enhances the healing energy cycle set up by daily Agnihotra fires, injecting more nourishment into the atmosphere.

Vyahruti Homa can be practiced at any time, except Agnihotra time. It is also performed at the beginning of Om Tryambakam Homa.