Resonance Point

Resonance Technique is a part of HOMA Organic Farming where simple practices are used to heal large areas of diseased land in a short time.

One RESONANCE POINT can heal up to 200 acres (80 hectares) of land. The same human effort is required to heal one acre or two hundred acres. For this 10 new copper pyramids are needed which are activated with Mantra and placed on the farm in a special configuration by a Homa Therapy volunteer who is authorized to install resonance points. Also two simple huts have to be built with inexpensive, natural materials, found locally, such as wood, adobe bricks, mats, bamboo, stone, cane, etc. Nobody will live in these huts. They are simply to protect the person performing the HOMA healing fires from the sun and rain and to prevent animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, etc. from entering.

Activation of the Ten Resonance Pyramids
Agnihotra Hut
Om Tryambakam Hut
Resonance Pillars
Homa Farm Layout
Homa Organic Farm Complex
Some Important Points