Homa Biosphere Gives Protection Against Forest Fires, Ojen, Spain

Eng. Francisco Lorente, Ojén, Málaga
In 2010 I came to know Homa Therapy through América Camacho and her husband Josué Gómez, in an event organized by them to share this ancient wisdom of the Vedas. Thus, I began to practice Agnihotra Homa. I am the owner of a 7,100 m2 plot with 280 ecologically treated Mediterranean and subtropical fruit trees. As a result of feeling the benefit of this Homa Therapy, I began to practice it on my plot with friends many times for several years (photo nº 1 below left). We practice these three different Yagnyas: Agnihotra, Vyahruti Homa, and Tryambakam Homa. In addition, I prepare Homa compost and irrigate with Agnihotra ash water.

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Experiences in our Homa Garden, Malaga, Spain

America Camacho & Josue Gómez
Malaga, Spain, Europe

    We arrived at this apartment in June 2014, which has a 7 × 2.30-meter outdoor patio, and that is where we now have our mini Homa garden. We sow and plant everything only in pots.
We have been practicing Agnihotra for approximately 22 years and we learned about these healing Homa Therapy through the instructors Abel and Aleta. We do share the Homa fires with people who come to our home. Continue reading “Experiences in our Homa Garden, Malaga, Spain”

Williams Antonio Mundini Chirinos, Shakti Centre, Puerto Real, Spain

Williams Antonio Mundini Chirinos
Shakti Centre
Puerto Real, Spain

    I am 63 years old and I am originally from Venezuela. Last year I started with the practice of Homa Therapy, which I came to know through Mr. Ricardo Mena and his wife Christa.
My experience is the following:
I have 20 egg laying hens.

After doing Agnihotra several times on the small farm, we got 12 chicks. Normally they do not hatch eggs and they did not do it in 3 years until I started practicing the Homa Fires.

  His wife confirms: We were told that these chickens genetically could not hatch, but in the wake of the Homa fires they started hatching eggs.   
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