Om Tryambakam Hut

The OM TRYAMBAKAM hut is to be little larger than the Agnihotra Hut (approximately 4x5m). It is also known as the HEALING HUT. Sick people can sit there and they receive healing. It is the fire which heals. We are doing the fires for agriculture, yet the whole area becomes a healing area for sick plants, animals and human beings. You face EAST while doing HOMA.

In this HEALING hut, two pyramids are to be placed on small mud platforms, the one on the right for OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA and the one on the left for AGNIHOTRA.

To get the maximum effect, four hours Om Tryambakam Homa should be performed daily and twenty-four hours on full and no moon days.

It is better to construct this hut near the entrance of the farm so that outsiders can come and go without disturbing the privacy of those who live and/or work on the farm.