Soil and Water Improvement with Homa Therapy

The dwindling area of fertile farmland worldwide is a particularly dramatic example of the global loss of natural resources. Not only are the rainforests disappearing, but also arable land is diminishing alarmingly fast. The continued loss of fertile soil through erosion and degradation due to unsustainable agricultural practices poses a serious risk to the survival of life on this planet.

And like soil, water is of utmost importance to humanity. Non-renewable fossil groundwater is being used up, fresh water reserves are diminishing and water resources all over the planet are becoming more and more polluted. Demand for water, especially from industry and food production, remains extremely high.

In this situation of soil and water degradation on a global scale Homa Organic Farming can offer a solution for not only reversing the current trend but also repairing and reclaiming our damaged resources.

Several spectacular examples of soil and water improvement with Homa Therapy have been reported from various countries.

“Bhrugu Aranya” Homa Farm, Poland
“Om Shree Dham” Homa Farm, Australia
“Tapovan” Homa Farm, India
Narmada River Water Quality Purification, India