Some Important Points

  • To heal sick plants, to rejuvenate the earth and to improve the quality of the water, AGNIHOTRA must be performed daily at exact timings given by computer according to the longitude and latitude of the specific farm. Also a minimum of 4 hours of OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA should be performed daily. On full moon and new moon, 24 hours of OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA should be performed or as many hours as possible.
  • For exact calculations of sunrise/sunset Agnihotra timings we use computer software developed in Germany, which uses a certain definition for sunrise/sunset. Agnihotra timetable available here.
  • If Om Tryambakam Homa is being performed and time of sunrise/sunset is coming, this Homa should be interrupted briefly and Agnihotra performed in the left-hand pyramid. Immediately after the Agnihotra Mantra, Om Tryambakam Homa can be resumed.
  • Keep Agnihotra ash and Om Tryambakam ash in separate vessels. Only Agnihotra ash is used as medicine for humans, plants and animals. Om Tryambakam Homa ash can be added to compost or put directly onto the field.
  • Before entering the Agnihotra hut minimum discipline is to wash hands and feet and rinse the mouth.
  • The Homa therapy volunteer will come to the farm and set up the Resonance Point. There is no charge for this service other than perhaps travel expenses. What the farmer has to do afterwards is very simple; that is daily performance of AGNIHOTRA and OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA.