Applications in Homa Organic Farming

  • Homa organic farming is non-violent agriculture (AHIMSAK KRISHI).
  • In Homa Organic Farming we do not kill anything, not even so-called dangerous pests.
  • All insects, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. are a part of Nature and have their role to play.
  • Agnihotra and Homa Therapy encourage balance in Nature and plant growth.
  • All species come into balance with each other.
  • The so-called dangerous pests are controlled by predators (friends of the farmer) which appear automatically in a balanced environment.
  • Use of chemicals destroys this fine balance in Nature.
  • Agnihotra ash can be used in various applications.

Treating the Atmosphere
Treating the Soil
Treating the Seeds
Planting the Seeds
Treating the Plants
Homa Biosol