Treating the Plants

Agnihotra Ash – a Powerful Tool

  • Agnihotra ash is the Secret Weapon of the Homa organic farmer.
  • Agnihotra ash is extremely medicinal. It is a potent medicine for plants, animals and human beings.
  • Agnihotra ash is beneficial at all stages of farming operations — soil treatment, water treatment, seed treatment.
  • Only ash from sunrise/sunset Agnihotra has this power.
  • Ash from other Homas may be used in addition to Agnihotra ash in compost or applied directly onto the field.
  • But Agnihotra ash is the key to success.

Application of Agnihotra Ash

Agnihotra ash powder can be applied to:

  • Well water and other irrigation sources like tanks or lakes
  • Soil before ploughing – just before ploughing sprinkle ash on the land, (not advisable in windy conditions)
  • Furrows while planting the seeds
  • Seeds before sowing
  • Roots while transplanting
  • Plant leaves to protect against insect and fungus attack
  • Soil around the plants

Agnihotra Ash Water Solution

  • Put about 250g Agnihotra ash into 200 liters of clean water. Stir it. Leave it in the sun for 3 days. In case of rain it should be covered.
  • After 3 days it is ready to be used.
  • Strain through a cloth.

Application of Agnihotra Ash Water Solution

Agnihotra ash water solution is very useful for:

  • natural control of difficult pests
  • encouraging rejuvenation
  • enhancing plant growth

Agnihotra ash water solution can be applied:

  • directly on the soil
  • around individual plants
  • to irrigation water
  • as foliar spray
  • as a good alternative to Agnihotra ash powder when its direct use is difficult (e.g. in strong winds)

Tree Paste

Tree paste can be made with Agnihotra ash, mud and water,(best Agnihotra ash water). Mix together. Apply this paste on wounds of the tree; e.g., if you cut a branch, cover the wound with this paste. Apply also on diseased bark or cover whole trunk up to 1m from the ground for total rejuvenation of old or weak trees. It is also a very good protection against infestation of various insects and parasites.

If a plant has diseased roots, a paste can be made with Agnihotra ash and a little water. Apply the paste to the affected roots and water the plant minimally and only with Agnihotra ash-water solution. The plant will quickly heal.

If a plant is diseased, feed the plant with Gloria Biosol twice daily, just before sunrise and within one hour after sunset. Be full of Love but with compassion, not pity. Talk to the plants; tell them to be strong and to get well. At the same time you water the plants with Biosol, spray them with Agnihotra ash-water solution.

Feeding the Plant with Gloria Biosol

Soil feedings and foliar sprays with Gloria Biosol are recommended every other week if there are no pest or disease problems. It should be used for foliar applications with water at a ratio of 1:10 to 1:15 depending on density of plant population. Roughly 30 to 40 liters are required per acre per month. A pure mind full of Mantra and a heart full of love at this time is beautifully nourishing to the plants.

Make a schedule for your ash applications according to your other operations on the farm to save time; e.g., choose a day once a week or twice a month for all ash applications. Regularity is important.


In Homa atmosphere watering demands become less, depending on the climate and rainfall. If hand watering, it is best to allow the stream of water to pour off of your right hand onto the plant or soil.