Why Homa Organic Farming is Superior?

There are several compelling reasons why Homa Organic Farming is superior to all other forms of agriculture.

  • Quantity of harvest per acre will be greater than that grown by any method known to modern science, whether it is organic, chemical or cultural.
  • Growing time is reduced and therefore the interest the farmer has to pay on loans from banks will be reduced.
  • The taste of HOMA produce is much better than that produced by any other method for the same variety.
  • There is improvement in colour and texture of the harvest.
  • HOMA produce has a longer shelf-life than that grown by any known modern method. This is important from the marketing point of view.
  • Natural predators appear automatically.
  • Disease resistance increases.
  • Cost of production is much less compared with other methods.

Ancient science of Homa Therapy states that more than 75% of nutrition to plants and soil comes through the atmosphere. So if you make the atmosphere more nutritious and fragrant by Homa a type of protective coating comes on plants and diseases, fungi, pests, etc. do not thrive. Plants capacity to breathe increases and the toxic effect of choking to death due to atmospheric toxins is eliminated.

We have enough documentation covering hundreds of hectares where Homa effects on farming, soil, plants, water are experienced. Also, use of Agnihotra ash medicines to cure human, animal and plant diseases is well known. Agnihotra as a tool in psychotherapy is well established.

It is stated in ancient tradition that by giving nutrition to the soil through the atmosphere several things could be achieved. We have not tested these things but have seen the overall effects. Following are some examples:

  • Due to pollution cancer-producing elements are found in the soil, water, air. Agnihotra can reduce the effect of these elements on the atmosphere.
  • Due to pollution insects show a trend towards mutation. It becomes terrible when the mutation begins to multiply. Insects attack crops and destroy them. They have no predators. If you add to this drought, floods and other disasters people will starve. Agnihotra atmosphere is the only way out.
  • Increase in parasitic bacteria due to pollution robs the earth of its nutrients. Agnihotra atmosphere preserves the nutrients and replenishes them.
  • Due to pollution insects begin cross-mating and hybrids are created. Insects begin to change their life cycles and develop immunity to cold. This greatly increases population growth among pests and we have tremendous problems with crops and diseases. Agnihotra reverses this trend and puts nutrients back into the soil.
  • Composition of nutrients in soil deteriorates and this has a great impact on food supply. The chemical and molecular structure of bacteria change and they become more immune to conventional medical methods. If we practice HOMA Organic Farming things will improve.
  • When radioactive particles and poisonous gases are released from the earth’s core our only protection is HOMA Therapy.