Mimi’s Homa Garden, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Mimi’s Homa Garden

Mimi Bennett
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

I have been performing Agnihotra since 1974. I am now 86 years. Master Shree Vasant instructed Agnihotris to use Agnihotra Ash Medicine. Monica Koch, a pharmacist in Germany formulated these medicines and wrote a book teaching how to make Agnihotra ash medicine. My husband Victor and I made and used these medicines. To this day I put Agnihotra ash in much of the food I cook and always put in blender drinks.

The recent reports of spectacular results from Homa farms gave me the idea to cover the soil with large quantities of Homa ash before my son Vane transplanted crops in the end of May. The garden was not a planned garden. My son Vane purchased some small plants for me for my birthday and my sister brought me a hot pepper plant also for my birthday. Now we have quite a few things growing: tomatoes, cucumber, squash, (zucchini, yellow squash and the round light green in the picture), watermelon, green and red sweet peppers;  Eyes of potatoes were stuck a couple inches into the ground from organic potatoes I bought and let the eyes keep growing until they looked ready to plant.

Already by mid-July the garden produced very large squash ranging from 3 to 6 lbs and cucumbers 2 ft long. All harvest is delicious.
Must be the amount of ash that did wonders in the garden.
In our plot were some “weeds”, called lambs quarters, which grow like a forest of trees and they are healing.

They do grow sparsely in other sections in the yard, but not in the one section which has a huge amount of Agnihotra ash. Everywhere in the yard I can find so-called "weeds", which are actually excellent herbs that I blend with fruits almost daily. There are growing dandelion, plantain, which is a green leaf, chickweed, and the lambs quarters.

Life is for learning. The experience of tending a garden is new to me and the Homa ashes are a god send. I am truly surprised and awed by the results. So much Grace comes with the practice of the Homa healing Fires on every level.

Photos: Healthy, abundant, nutritious and excellent foods achieved with the Homa Fires and their ashes. My granddaughter and also the daughter of our neighbor like to come and help in the garden. Mia, my two-and-a-half-year-old great-granddaughter, loves spending time in the garden and harvesting the goodies.

"The only way to survive will be living off the land itself and in a Homa atmosphere, everything will prosper. We have to be direct and sharp at this point in time as there is very little time left."

-Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe-

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