Is There a Solution?

Q. Is there any technology which can improve soil condition, purify water resources, neutralize pollution in the atmosphere, improve the functioning of earthworms and honey bees while simultaneously increasing per hectare production of harvest?

A. YES. The answer lies in the super technology of Homa Organic Farming which negates the effects of polluting factors and simultaneously increases per hectare production of harvest.

Q. Has anyone seen the results of this technology in modern times?

A. YES. During 1999 in the Amazon region of the Republic of Peru, South America, thirty units each of 100 acres, totaling 3000 acres were monitored by agronomical engineers from the office of the Presidency of the Republic for seven months, comprising all crops grown in the area.

Q. What were the results?

A. All plagues and diseases were eradicated, the yield of the harvest increased by up to 50%, the fruit grew healthy, with better color, taste, weight, texture and longer shelf-life.

This is the ‘real’ EVERGREEN REVOLUTION.