Activation of a Homa Resonance Point in ‘Casa Picaflores’ Farm, Naguabo, Rio Blanco, Puerto Rico

‘Casa Picaflores’ is the beautiful farm of Mrs. Barbara Rogers in Naguabo, Rio Blanco, Puerto Rico. She invited us there to establish a Resonance Point on her farm.

     Barbara practices Agnihotra since 5 years and her space has become a paradise.

   The photos show the activation and a small part of the great diversity and beauty of this land of the Tainos, ancestors of the island.

More photos of ‘Casa Picaflores’ (House of the Humming Birds), a recreation resort for many tourists.
At the entrance of the property, majestic trees take their place as guardians. Then one can find:
-Amla, cacao, avocado, coconut, guava, grapefruit, guava, lemon, noni, palmarosa, jackfruit, sapote, plantains, bananas, almonds, macadamia, mango, starfruit, etc.
-Medicinal and culinary herbs and plants like neem, moringa, cloves, cinnamon, aloe vera, oregano, coriander, jiaogulan, comfrey, watercress, etc. Bushes like vanilla, passion fruit, tulsi, chayote, sacha inchi, passion fruit, raspberry, coffee, pineapple, etc.
-Roots like cassava, yautilla, taro, ginger, peanuts, turmeric, etc. There is a garden/nursery with tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, kale, watermelon, celery, spinach, lettuce, corn and other wonders.
 With the Homa Resonance Point, doing the Homa fires daily, the entire farm is revitalized.

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