Bernarda Guerrero’s Story

Cuenca, Ecuador
South America


“I could see the effects of these Homa Healing Fires in my garden after only two to three weeks.”

“I also noticed a significant improvement in the strawberries, which produced very brilliant, vigorous and delicious fruits. Furthermore, I saw an increase in the production of blackberries, through the 9 months of simply practicing Agnihotra.”

This is a Gardenia, it was not growing and it was dry. Now with HOMA Therapy the leaves have a new green color and the plant is standing straight.

These are Chamomile, which did not flower for more than 5 years. Now you can see many flowers and the plant is tall and strong. There was not a single flower here before, it was just a green plant for five years. Now it is with flowers and buds.

This plant of red Pepas (tomato like fruits) only had leaves. Now you can see green and red fruits and flowers. This shows another important progress through Homa Therapy.

This is a Plumilla plant, also called Esparraguina. It was not growing well and the plant was dry, even though I watered it. Now it has more vitality, green leaves and height.

Here there are some Irises, which I also had for many years (more than 5) without achieving there flowering. After practicing these Homas, they have flowers all the time and buds that are waiting to open up.

I had completely forgotten about the violet Jasmine, which you can see beside the red Lantana. I just recently realized its existence, because its flowers appeared. It had never flowered before.

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