Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya | A Centre of Light for Europe

Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming International Ecovillage, the only one of its kind in Poland. Since 1995, Bhrugu Aranya has grown from a small organic farm into a holistic educational centre.
Here, in this unique atmosphere, people come to experience healing, meditation, organic gardening and unity with nature on a profound level.

This is an educational centre for learning about Homa Therapy & the Ayurvedic fire practice of Agnihotra in an experiential way.

Agnihotra is a fire ceremony performed at sunrise and sunset which originates from the most ancient most body of knowledge known to man – the Vedas.
Encoded in these ancient texts is a holistic blueprint for living in balance with planet earth. The Vedas represent a complete science, unifying the metaphysical with the physical. The most essential element of the Vedas given for purification of the atmosphere is Yajnya, the science of bioenergetic healing through the agency of fire.

Sunrise/Sunset Agnihotra is the essential Yajnya practice integral to the science of Homa Therapy.

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