Homa Farm of Don Ismael in Barinas, Venezuela

Jesus Manuel Pineda Rivas (photo right), wrote from Mérida, Venezuela:
Don Ismael and his son Alberto (photo below) live in the plains of Barinas state, Venezuela (5 hours from Merida). Don Ismael’s mother is the owner of the farm. She has been very careful not to allow poisons on her farm. Don Ismael, following the wishes of his mother, sought and asked around until he got my phone number.

      He called me to learn the Homa Organic Farming technique of removing Black Sigatoka in bananas. Gradually I was training him with Homa Therapy. He got the clarified butter, dried cow dung, brown rice, the matches and the coordinates of the farm. After some time, during the Carnival 2016, I took a pyramid to his plantain farm.
    Already at Easter time, he was reporting with great joy that his plantains did not die this summer from the extreme heat and not from the Black Sigatoka. They were healthier than ever, giving many offsprings and fruits free of fungi stains (Black Sigatoka).

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