Homa Farm Tenjo, Colombia

Maria Teresa Nuñez
Homa Farm Tenjo
Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America

Excerpts from Maria Teresa’s letter:
    "Little by little by "Divine Grace" and directed from the highest and most profound instances this Homa farm came into existence.

It is supported by my son Sebastian, my employees, the inhabitants of this place and some practitioners who visit us on full and new moons.
    The Homa farm just had its fourth anniversary. During this time, little by little, step by step, we have been cleaning and healing this place through the Fires.
Now, it is a wonderful paradise, where we give thanks and praise from the moment we open our eyes for being allowed to live here…

(photos Homa farm Tenjo)
For me the "Homa Fire" is something that is lit in my heart. It is beyond the physical evidence that one might live or see in my daily life or in my personal "Fires".

… For me, it is very clear that without Homa Therapy the farming results would be half.  Although we had many, many years trying to grow plants such as the ‘pear trees’ and ‘papaya trees,’ they only grew after the Homa Resonance point was activated".

     "The Homa farm  has also taken the role of an Activity Center for Personal Growth
   Sometimes I imagine, when I light Agnihotra, how every second, someone ignites a "Fire" around the planet and that at the end, the whole planet is surrounded by healing fires and I smile.

My soul is filled with happiness for being part of that group of missionaries of purification and healing, by doing such a little "sacrifice" from my home with my family.  
So little is asked from me and what I receive back is so much. I give "one" and receive "a thousand". So great is the power of Homa Therapy." (photos Homa farm Tenjo)

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