Homa Farming in Curacavi, Chile

Ms. Karina Ohme from Curacavi, Chile tells her experience of the Amazing recovery of almond and fig trees with Homa Therapy
     In March 2013, we realized a long awaited dream: ‘Satsang,’ a beautiful farm with native forest, silence and harmony, located a few kilometers outside Santiago de Chile.
     We started immediately to perform the Homa Fires and we have seen a surprising recovery of the old fruit trees. René, (photo right picking almonds), our gardener, who lives and works on this plot since 19 years, was surprised to see the almonds loaded with fruits this summer. Just two years ago, his suggestion was to cut them, since they were full of downy mildew and partially moth-eaten, practically dry and without giving any almonds.
(see photo below left)

  But this year, they were so full with so many fruits that its branches almost touched the ground due to the weight. There were thousands of almonds.

 (Photo right: Basket full of freshly harvested almonds in Satsang.)


      The old fig tree is also loaded with beautiful fruits. "Before it gave some small figs, which were dry inside. Now they are big, juicy and beautiful," says René.  (photo below)

     Silvia, Homa volunteer, gladly shows the branches of one of the elderly almond trees loaded with fruits.  (photo below)

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