Homa Hof, Germany


22 year-old Homa Farm

“We can look back on 22 years of experience on the Homa Farm Heiligenberg. In an area of 20 hectares, 8 ha are used for agriculture, which are managed with great success. The results are convincing.”

  • The Homa grown vegetables taste far better than conventional organic vegetables.
  • They have much more resistance to pests and drought (spectacular observations regarding the potato bug, powdery mildew, lack of water, low maintenance, tree diseases).
  • The Homa vegetables are exceptionally big considering the altitude of our location (about 730 m above sea level) and the short growing season (from early May, sometimes in mid-April until late October). The climate is rather harsh and not quite optimal for large scale vegetable farming without using a poly tunnel or greenhouse.
  • We have hardly any problem with plant diseases. If a problem emerges, due to wet and cold weather, we are able to hold it in its limits applying the Agnihotra ash water spray.
  • Snails find their places among the lettuce heads, without eating the lettuce heads and the healthy leaves.
  • A very striking observation was that the structure of the veggies in Homa farming obviously changes. The structure is more harmonic and pronounced.
  • Taste, size, color, scent, smell of the Homa vegetables and fruits are incomparable.”

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