Homa Organic Food Garden, Garden Island Creek, Southern Tasmania, Australia

Theresa Daley
Garden Island Creek,
Southern Tasmania

Frosty morning in June at Theresa’s property

“I have been practising Agnihotra for the past thirteen or so years. I was studying flower essences in Melbourne and the class was invited to attend an Agnihotra demonstration by Lee and Frits Ringma of Om Shree Dham (NSW). We arrived a little late and so missed the Agnihotra demonstration. My friend at the time and I quietly took our seats on the ground around a large bonfire, Lee and Frits were performing Om Tryambakam Homa. I closed my eyes, I let go and relaxed.
When I opened my eyes I saw that the flames of the big fire were a distinct purple colour. Surely I was tired, surely the flames were not truly purple. I closed my eyes gently with a purposeful intention and opened them again. Each time, same thing, purple flames. This I took to be an omen, a guide that Agnihotra was for me. I didn’t know why, but I could not help but trust the purple flame omen.

Self-seeded leek

It took a few months to perfect the simple procedures that performing Agnihotra requires, for the most part it was getting the fire to catch on time that took the most practise. In the years I have practised Agnihotra I have never seen purple flames again, but I’ve felt other changes. Performing Agnihotra in my experience facilitates positive change. It gently holds and opens the space for inner peace to grow, for communication with the Devic Kingdom to blossom, for old wounds to heal in the most gentle of ways. Agnihotra is a friend, a really wonderful friend.

Personally I have experienced Agnihotra’s ‘bubble’ (Homa Biosphere) around my property. Once a Willing Worker on Organic Farm (woofer) lamented as we drove off the property to drop her at the bus stop that she feared leaving the bubble. I’d never even mentioned the bubble to her.

Lunch harvest with Honey (Theresa’s daughter) in background

Wood ash mixed with Agnihotra ash as a remedy against cherry and pear slug

Regards gardening: I sprinkle ash into the garden beds as I prepare them. Of course the energy of Agnihotra is in the biosphere. I also add ash into
medicinal plant mixes, such as with wood ash from the fire to get rid of the pear and cherry slug.

My vision for natural beauty has become sharper, I notice the colours in sunsets more, I hear the chorus of birds more clearly at sunrise. My heart is opening, and opening and opening. Agnihotra has not done this alone, I think. But it has facilitated all this and more. It is the conductor in the orchestra of Divine Energy that plays out in a million, trillion different ways. It waves its baton with infinite wisdom. It is at the service of the Divine and it helps to, ever so gently, so gently I barely notice it happening, facilitate healing. It is no magic wand, not at all, but it conducts magic in the best, most perfect way possible. It is Grace in action.”

Bees and creativity thriving at Nala Pakana, Theresa and family’s flourishing property at Garden Island Creek, Southern Tasmania.

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