Visit of Agriculture Students to Bhargava Dham, Elqui Valley, Chile

Carolina Morales

During the month of August 2022, a volunteer program was offered to a group of students from the Technician in Ecological Agriculture career course. There were 14 people who participated for 3 days in Bhargava Dham, located in the Elqui Valley.

During the program there was outstanding support provided by
Carlos Bustamante and Milena
-Daily practice of Sunrise and Sunset Agnihotra
-Daily practice Gayatri Mantra at noon
-Pruning Fruit orchard: fig, pear, apricots trees.
-Application of compost and Agnihotra ash.
-Fivefold Path Workshop.
-Sanskrit and Mantras workshop.

In addition, the volunteer students enjoyed the Cochiguaz River and pursued relaxation and recreation activities.

The main objective of this visit was to EXPERIENCE the practice and discipline of Homa Therapy and its application in agriculture, through fun, participatory activities that allow the volunteer to personally and collectively experience the applicability of the effects of a Homa environment and in such an important energy point for the planet-

Mimi’s Homa Garden, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Mimi’s Homa Garden

Mimi Bennett
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

I have been performing Agnihotra since 1974. I am now 86 years. Master Shree Vasant instructed Agnihotris to use Agnihotra Ash Medicine. Monica Koch, a pharmacist in Germany formulated these medicines and wrote a book teaching how to make Agnihotra ash medicine. My husband Victor and I made and used these medicines. To this day I put Agnihotra ash in much of the food I cook and always put in blender drinks. Continue reading “Mimi’s Homa Garden, Baltimore, Maryland, USA”

Homa Organic Farming – Holistic Agriculture

Conventional agriculture is usually spoken of as the agriculture of synthetic agrochemicals, that is, the agriculture of pesticides that make man and the environment sick (i.e. Mother Earth). Fortunately, people are waking up and looking for healthier foods. There is also talk of “modern” agriculture, when in addition to pesticides, herbicides, nematicides, fungicides, and other … “cides”, “genetically improved seeds” are also used. These are called transgenic.

But people are already realizing that these transgenic foods can cause harm, not only to human health but also to the health of all beings: plants, animals, ecosystems, etc. It is necessary to return to a Traditional, Natural and Friendly Agriculture. It is time to promote Family and Community Agriculture to ensure Food Sovereignty since the price of food has increased in many parts of the world.

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Our Homa Garden, Choachí, in Cundinamarca, Colombia

Diana Molano & Endir Rozo
and their son,
Santiago Molano Rozo
Choachí, Cundinamarca, Colombia

          Bliss, amazement and infinite gratitude with the divinity overwhelms us when we collect the fruits grown organically in our garden in Homa atmosphere.
This garden was born a year ago as part of this wonderful adventure of following the teachings of Master Shree Vasant to create and live in a space where Homa farming is practiced.

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My Homa Experience in the Garden, Cerro Azul, Panama

Maria Alexandra Brito
Cerro Azul, Panama, Central America

     In 2014, we were fortunate to arrive at Altos de Cerro Azul in Panama, coming from Venezuela. The soil in this area is extremely acidic, connected to the presence of the pine trees. Therefore, these characteristics were wonderful to prove the effectiveness of Homa Therapy.

   For cultivating, we created a layer of high ground using different materials, such as layers of various organic waste.

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Homa Biosphere Gives Protection Against Forest Fires, Ojen, Spain

Eng. Francisco Lorente, Ojén, Málaga
In 2010 I came to know Homa Therapy through América Camacho and her husband Josué Gómez, in an event organized by them to share this ancient wisdom of the Vedas. Thus, I began to practice Agnihotra Homa. I am the owner of a 7,100 m2 plot with 280 ecologically treated Mediterranean and subtropical fruit trees. As a result of feeling the benefit of this Homa Therapy, I began to practice it on my plot with friends many times for several years (photo nº 1 below left). We practice these three different Yagnyas: Agnihotra, Vyahruti Homa, and Tryambakam Homa. In addition, I prepare Homa compost and irrigate with Agnihotra ash water.

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Experiences in our Homa Garden, Malaga, Spain

America Camacho & Josue Gómez
Malaga, Spain, Europe

    We arrived at this apartment in June 2014, which has a 7 × 2.30-meter outdoor patio, and that is where we now have our mini Homa garden. We sow and plant everything only in pots.
We have been practicing Agnihotra for approximately 22 years and we learned about these healing Homa Therapy through the instructors Abel and Aleta. We do share the Homa fires with people who come to our home. Continue reading “Experiences in our Homa Garden, Malaga, Spain”