The Tapovan Story

Homa Farm: Tapovan
Parola, District: Jalgaon
Maharashtra, India

Water harvesting

“We finally got the big rain we were waiting for. The best rain in the last 25 years, they say. Tapovan is looking wonderfully green and lush. The big work which Aaron and Anne did on the water harvesting has paid off in a very big way. As you can see from the pictures, our dry creek bed has been transformed into a series of beautiful pools through the extensive rainwater harvesting that we have completed.”

“Charming rustic bridges allow for a lovely walk around the whole of the water feature. What a blessing for us to have so much water ,after so many years of severe drought. All the wells and bores on Tapovan are recharged and full of water. Water has percolated through to the aquifers beneath and the water level in our catchment area seems to have stabilized. We are now able to think about irrigation and growing different things here in Tapovan, which were not possible before.”

“Already, we have had agricultural experts last week who were totally baffled by our wonderful soy bean crop (only 6 weeks old – see pics), and also healthy turmeric crop in an area where they do not usually grow, as well as cotton without chemicals or pesticides. This is, of course, a testimony to the power of intensive Homas Fires and the application of Homa Biosol biofertilizer which we make here in Tapovan.”

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