Williams Antonio Mundini Chirinos, Shakti Centre, Puerto Real, Spain

Williams Antonio Mundini Chirinos
Shakti Centre
Puerto Real, Spain

    I am 63 years old and I am originally from Venezuela. Last year I started with the practice of Homa Therapy, which I came to know through Mr. Ricardo Mena and his wife Christa.
My experience is the following:
I have 20 egg laying hens.

After doing Agnihotra several times on the small farm, we got 12 chicks. Normally they do not hatch eggs and they did not do it in 3 years until I started practicing the Homa Fires.

  His wife confirms: We were told that these chickens genetically could not hatch, but in the wake of the Homa fires they started hatching eggs.   

Also, the cucumbers that I planted after doing Agnihotra, turned out to be bigger (up to 700 grams each one). The ones previous to Agnihotra were small. These are amazing experiences!

(Photos- above: Mr. Mundini and his wife relating their experience; left practicing Agnihotra; right: Homa cucumbers weighing over 700g)

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