Advances of Homa Farming in Satsang Farm, Curacavi, Chile

by Carolina Morales Pavez,
Agricultural Engineer

      The development of organic Homa farming in the Satsang farm,  located in Curacaví-Chile, has had important advances in respect to the agro-ecological design developed by Karina Ohme and Juan José Rodrigues.

      This involves aspects on biological adaptation of the agro-ecosystem through the establishment of a greater diversity of species, in addition to the functional and native flora, the medicinal and aromatic herbs and horticultural crops, important for food.

Through constant daily work and management of resources, it has been possible to advance in the infrastructure of the garden and agricultural work areas. This has also allowed volunteers to be participants in the different field activities that take place.
It is important to mention that the basic agricultural operations being carried out in Homa farming are:
1. Daily practice of the basic and fundamental fire of Homa Therapy: Agnihotra
2. Weekly applications of Agnihotra ash on the crops
3. Use of ash for the preparation of seedlings, sowing, composting piles and vermiculture areas.
4. Propagation of forest species
5. Application of Gloria Biosol Homa every three days to the growing crops
The Satsang farm is a space that receives volunteers who have the interest to learn about Homa Therapy, its application in agriculture and who wish to experience in a remote area also other aspects that involve a ‘good and healthy lifestyle’.

Photo above: Juán and Agronomost Carolina working in the Satsang garden; Photo below: healthy and wonderful harvests with the practice of Agnihotra and using its ash – pomarola tomato, Spanish paprika and eggplant.

Photos below:
Left) freshly transplanted carrots;
Right) Juan Rodríguez (Venezuela), Rodrigo Lampasona (Bolivia), Pail Wegner (Germany), Dante Miquelon Alaimo (Brazil) working on a reforestation bed with native seeds. They add Agnihotra ash and cut the dry stubble to give way to new shoots.

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