Homa Ecological Farming Workshop at Technology Center For Sustainability, Santiago, Chile

 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agricultural Engineer

       The Technological Center for Sustainability (CTS) invited the ‘Quintuple Sendero’ (Fivefold Path) Foundation to hold a workshop on Homa Ecological Farming, in its dependencies in the community Buin – situated in the Metropolitan Region.

    12 people participated on this half-day activity that lasted till sunset Agnihotra, which was part of the workshop. The participants were mainly students of the technical career in organic farming and farmers from the area.
We reviewed aspects such as:
1. Homa Therapy:
Methodology of the discipline and its origin.
2. Use of the Homa Therapy Ashes in agriculture and in the preparation of: Agnihotra Ash Solution and Gloria Homa Biosol.
The participants showed much interest in continuing to learn more about Homa Technology and organic farming itself. This was a very active and interested group and the workshop provided the atmosphere of dialogue about their different experiences, aspirations and common good. We also sharing food on this occasion.
The next step of the workshop was to elaborate a bio-digester to obtain the Homa biofertilizer Biosol, following the methodology already described in previous HHNL’s.
After that was completed, a guided visit was made through the premises of the CTS in order to integrate concepts of functional diversity management, crop association and polyculture, among others.
Orientations were given in order to promote biodiversity in the agro-ecosystem, one of the fundamental principles of organic farming, with which Homa technology is 100% aligned. The workshop was concluded with the completion of Agnihotra sunset fire, in the company of all participants.

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