Americo Perez’ Story

Region: San Martín
South America

pedigree bull

A letter from cattle farmer, Americo Perez, to Engineer Sara Carrion Vega, the Director Of The Agrarian Agency – Tocache.
Tocache, 28th of April, 2000

Mrs. Directress:
I greet you very cordially through the present letter and at the same time take advantage of the opportunity to thank you so much, for the possibility given to me to work with an ecological and organic technique called Homa Therapy in the rearing of my cattle. In this technique no chemical substances or veterinary products are used. The results are wonderful and achieved in a very short time. It is really surprising, but the execution is very easy and most important, extremely economic.

I tell you, Mrs. Directress that I am still astonished about the fast healing through the effect of the Homa Therapy. We carry this natural technique out in order to maintain my cows’ health but at the same time I feel that my personal health and the health of my family is also improving day by day. I should mention that this Homa technique returns the health to all beings that are put within reach of its effect, mainly during the moments of Agnihotra, the fire with highest healing potency. The ash that is left is medicinal.

Before practicing Homa Therapy I was heart-stricken and in a permanent tension, I was not in good health, I was bothered by chronic arthritis that affected my knees. My mother suffered under permanent hypertension and both of us had to take since many years chemical medications. Added to this was the permanent concern about my condition as a cattle farmer in the Alto Huallaga Zone, area of Tocache. Raising cattle in low forest location assures a high presence of insect plagues and illnesses in the bovine livestock. The most important problem at sanitary level is the presence of ticks. In order to control this plague I used chemical products, but their effect was temporary, they appeared again in a short time. I spent 2,000 dollars on the average every 6 months for my cattle counting 500 head in veterinary products based on chemical substances. My other three cattle raising farms were in the same condition.

You know, Mrs. Directress that the tick is an insect that produces a viral disease called “Piroplasmosis”. The treatment with veterinary products is based on antibiotics and for a cattle raiser of the Amazons it turns out to be very expensive. So in most cases, for lack of economic resources for quick control, the affected cows run the risk of dying.

This viral disease called “Piroplasmosis” attacked a pedigree bull from one of my cattle farms. This pedigree bull of approximately 4 years of age, was brought as a baby from Texas, United States, cost 5,000 dollars, and is to this date valued at 50,000 dollars. For a long time I have sold the progeny of this Texan bull, called “Nene “(Baby), to all the cattle raisers of the County of TOCACHE and adjacent areas.

The bull, “Nene” had already collapsed through this disease and seeing this, more than 500 cows mooed desperately; it was a terrifying picture. We started treating “Nene” with Homa Therapy; I won’t forget what happened to the most loved bull of all my cattle. He was given Agnihotra ash through opening his mouth and he was made to swallow with Agnihotra-ash-water solution. He took about one liter, but with difficulty. We also put a Yantram on his neck. This happened at about 5 pm and we went to see “Nene” the following day at about ten in the morning. To our astonishment he was moving his tail and his head and he had already taken water and hay. The workers told us that the bull woke up healthy. So we can say that Homa Therapy healed “Nene” in less than 24 hours. After noon “Nene” insisted on leaving the electric fence and went to look for his own grass. It made me very happy to see my bull “Nene” eating with a lot of gusto in the pasture as if he had never been sick. Thanks to the Homa Therapy I still have my “Nene” and he already got fierce again, but that’s how he is. His absence would have left a very big hole in the cattle raising and within us, beside the economic loss. His parents are natives from Germany and have a value of more than 250,000 dollars. I want to point out that I didn’t have the expense of any veterinary products.

Mrs. Directress, I should inform you, that I manage now the upbringing of my bovine livestock only with Homa Therapy. Even my mother and I have stopped consuming pharmaceuticals; we only take the Agnihotra ash and have wonderful results.

All this information is for your knowledge so that many other cattle raisers can be helped, which are in the same desperate situation as I was before I started Homa Therapy. I also put my cattle farm as a model for Homa Therapy, so that government entities, like you direct, or SENASA (National Agrarian Health Service) can take it as model area for Homa Therapy.



L.E. 10493737

Regional Government of San Martin
Special Project of Alto Huallaga – Tocache.

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