Edgar Arevalo Patow’s Story

Homa Farm: Three Sisters
Aucayacu, Huanuco Region, Peru
South America

After six months application of Homa Therapy – TOTAL REJUVENATION!

“Before starting to work with Homa Therapy, my situation, similar to the one of any peasant from the High Huallaga region, was of total despair and one which people do not understand: I thought I no longer had any resource to heal my crops, since I tried all chemical substances that the Government agency supplied to me. Nothing worked. Plagues and diseases continued, and the yield of the crops continued to diminish each time more and more.”

“I first wanted to try the effectiveness of Homa Therapy in the “Panama evil” (a stronger fungus than “Black Sigatoka”) which made my 10 hectares of plantains disappear. All the Agronomists, Specialists, Doctors, etc., kept telling me that, that particular disease has no solution because the fungus lives in the soil of cultivation. I thought, if many experts tell me that nothing can be done, as a simple peasant who lives off his crops, what can I do? Day by day, I was threatened, seeing my plantain plantation disappear. This meant that I was losing the immediate Livelihood of my family.”

“In my farm I also had plants of Tangelo, planted 5 years ago, and they still were not bearing fruit. Mangostino plants, were 8 years old and the tallest had grown only 1.50 mts. high and some had grown only 70 to 80 cm. high.(Tangelo and Mangostino are fruits wich sell at good price, because they are considered to be gourmet delicasies). All these trees were about to dry up. Their leaves were pale green, almost yellow, full of fungus.”

“When I planted Papaya plants, I was told that they were from certified seeds of high quality, but, as they grew, the leaves turned yellow and one year after they were planted one could still not see any indication that these plants could bloom and that a crop could soon be harvested.”

“To ensure my economy for a few months, I used to participate in alternative programs for basic food crops, but every time my debt grew and I had no capacity to pay back. Last time I accepted to participate in a program using agrochemicals, was to plant corn. They gave me 25 kilos of seeds. In the pictures that they showed me, one could see very big and beautiful corn cobs. I got exited and I accepted to plant. I prepared the land as I usually would do for corn. I planted and not one single grain germinated. The Engineer of the Program came. He confirmed that nothing had germinated, but he told me that in any event I had to give back the seed. I had to buy seeds from the regional variety and give it back.”

“So, I told myself, that I would no longer accept any Government program. Many peasants are being sued because of the debts they incurred through their participation in alternative programs, to the point of losing the ownership of their land.”

“The following is a description of benefits which I have obtained and continue to obtain with Homa Therapy after approximately 6 months of application:”

Plantain and banana:
“My main interest was my plantain plantation and with much eagerness and expectation, I was hoping that Homa Therapy would heal my plantain plantation and it did. First, they installed the Homa resonance point and once I was trained, I began to practice the basic fires of Homa Therapy. After only a week I began to observe that my plantain trees began to develop very green healthy leaves. I continued to practice more the Homa fires, specially Agnihotra, which is the fire performed at sunrise and sunset, plus the application of Agnihotra ash as a solution. Each week with my fumigating tank, I began to apply Agnihotra solution to the whole plantain plantation, and in general to all my plants and the following occurred:”

“A plantain plantation of 10 hectares already abandoned because it was unproductive, which was useful only to give shadow to my coffee plantation, rapidly, it began to develop “bellotas” (the rhomboid flower which gives rise to a bunch of plantain or bananas), and on line, one after the other. So, immediately, I started to clean up the plantain trees and to continue to use Agnihotra solution. This solution, as if it were some hormone, accelerated the floration of the coffee and the leaves grew with a spectacular shine.”

“The Special Project High Huallaga of the Department of the Presidency, (PEAH)- Tingo Maria, installed two extra hectares of coffee for me. I have already obtained a harvest from the old coffee plantation and it is again blooming.(Normally, coffee yields once a year). I obtained a coffee with an exquisite aroma and of pleasant taste, after one year and two months of being planted.”

“Seeing the “Panama evil” disappearing from my plantain plantation, and having an abundant production of real shoots, through the effect of Homa Therapy, I made an expansion of my plantain area only with Homa shoots.”

“Also I paid a debt of 3.000 soles (approx. US $ 1,000), that I had pending with the Special Project High Huallaga (of the Department of the President of the republic), only with Homa shoots. I continue to take out real shoots and I sell them to peasants who are expanding their plantain plantations. This thing about Homa shoots, is a new income for my economy.”

“I also did a new plantation of papaya and five months after being planted, it is already producing fruits.”

“Inside this papaya plantation of one hectare approximately, I decided to plant cabbage and beans, variety “recline”, but I still had about 2 acres, so I thought I would plant more beans. Under these circumstances, Engineer Garcia of ADEX, arrived, to invite me to enter into his Program of Castillian beans, variety Black Eye. I told him: ‘Engineer, I accept to plant in this area of 8.000 square meters, but what I do not accept is your agrochemicals, because I am working with an organic agriculture which is the technique of Homa Therapy.'”

“I am most grateful to the Engineer Garcia, for having respected my way of doing agriculture, with an organic, natural method, accepting to give me only the 25 kilos of seeds of castillian beans, so that at the end of the harvest I return 50 kilos.”

“Also, the Engineer Garcia told me: You should get from 800 to 900 kilos from the 2 acres area which you planted and ADEX will buy from you at 1.20 soles per kilo.(3.40 soles per US$). I made my calculations and I thought I could obtain more or less one thousand soles in three months with the harvest of those beans from ADEX, freeing myself from the payment of the agrochemicals.”

“I had the confidence and certainty that with Homa Therapy I was going to produce the quantity that the Engineer Garcia quoted. In other planting seasons, using agrochemicals, that quantity of yield was not achieved. After 2 months, I started to harvest ripened beans, I harvested 2 sacs to bring to Tingo Maria. Then, I had so much production, that people would come to visit me and I would give them beans. I gave away three sacs in total. The beans continued to ripen more until the end and, after two and a half months, I started the final harvest. To my astonishment and that of many people, this area which was smaller than one hectare, yielded more than 2500 kilos, almost three times more than the quantity calculated by the Engineer Garcia. I know that in the following planting seasons, the yield will increase even more, because all the plants are improving day by day because of the effect of Homa Therapy.”

“After 60 days, I harvested the cabbages. Each cabbage weighed one kilo and I sold them in the market for one sol. The cabbages which come from Huanuco, which is the area of adecuate climate for cabbages, are three times smaller and in the market they sell three cabbages for one sol. Only 9 Homa cabbages filled up a sac.”

“The “recline” beans came out in less than two months, I planted them before the “castillian” beans. I consumed much “recline” beans ready riped. When the plants of these beans were small, my hens were constantly eating up the leaves and did not allow the plants to develop. Some plants were totally destroyed. At the end, the plants had more pods than leaves. Of an area of 1.700 square meters, from only 5 kilos of seeds, I harvested more than 300 kilos and I sold them at 2.80 soles per kilo. The grains developed very big and very shiny and with no attack from any “rancha” fungus or insects.”

“Agricultural Engineers from the German GTZ visited me. They marvelled at the vitality and production capacity of the plants, and specially how healthy they were. The same Engineer Garcia from ADEX told me that it was the best plantation of beans that he had seen and because of this, he took them to his bosses in Lima so that they would observe.”

“Another crop which the visiting Agronomical Engineers marvelled at, was the tomatoes planted in only 10 square meters. Some plants developed from 8 to 10 tomatoes but they were very big. Other plants developed from 30 to 35 tomatoes. Each plant produced an average of 5 kilos per plant. From those 10 square meters I harvested more than 500 kilos of very healthy tomatoes, very firm, shiny and I am motivated to continue to plant tomatoes because I have another income.”

“The small cucumbers produced in 40 days and with an average of 17 fruits per plant. Each fruit reached 35 centimeters long and they were very thick. All this was achieved with the fires of Homa Therapy plus Agnihotra solution.”

“The Mangosteen plants, in only three months of applying Homa Therapy, they developed 1.50 meters more, over the hight of 70 centimeters or 1.50 meters in some cases, that they had developed in 8 years and they were all very sick. The old leaves, full of “rancha” fungus began to fall down and a new foliage sprouted up. The same occurred with the orange seedlings. They grew 1.50 meters in three months and now they are bigger.”

“The Tangelo plants, which were planted 5 years ago and which had never bloomed before, now, because of the effect of Homa Therapy, they are in full blooming. So, feeling very happy, I told my wife: Now, I do not have to worry any more, because the Tangelo trees began to produce, thus my old age is insured, because I will have much production, not only with the plantain and other crops, but also the Tangelo, for which I waited to bloom for so much time.”

“The same Engineer Efrain Cáceres from the Special Project High Huallaga of the Department of the Presidency, I told him that I will plant 5 other hectares of Tangelo, they got motivated and they said that they were enthusiastic about entering the agricultural activity, in their personal capacity.”

“The Special Project High Huallaga of the Department of the Presidency (PEAH) Tingo Maria, gave me technical assistance to establish a nursery of oranges variety “Cleopatra” and “rough skin” lemon, each one with 5000 plants. Agnihotra solution was applied every week, just as it was done with the other plants. Due to a strong summer, when the earth splits because of the heat and without a protective roof, these are very green and healthy, they have grown more than 18 centimeters high, two months after being planted. The Engineers from the German GTZ also were marveled at the vitality of these citrus due to the effect of Homa Therapy.”

“In my farm, I also have “Starfruit” plants. With Homa Therapy, these fruits developed three times more than the normal size. The same occurred with the “Marglobe” variety of tomatoes, which I mentioned earlier. Even the rose plants, they bloomed permanently, with a very agreeable and long lasting fragrance. My wife takes the roses to her church; the Pastor, feeling so much fragrance, asked whether they had poured some rose balm in the temple and my wife, Medelina told him that it was the roses that she brought from her farm.”

“Before, we could not sleep due to the worries that we had, because I could not pay my debts, specially debts to the Government and I could not even pay with ease the people who were helping me with the agriculture. Now it is easy for me, because everyday I have more income, thanks to the benefits of Homa Therapy, specially to Agnihotra fire, which has returned back my health to me and to many others who come to my agricultural land, poor people who come from San Martin Region and from very far away places, to all I teach gratis how to do the Agnihotra fire and they get healed from many sicknesses, such as asthma.”

“Until the last days of my life, I will continue to practice Homa Therapy, because, thanks to it, I recuperated my will to continue to live. I work in my agricultural land and I no longer think of selling my land and going to Tingo Maria or another town to search for other means of economic income. I feel happy, because I have always been a farmer. I wanted and I continue to want to be a farmer and with Homa Therapy, this is possible.”

“I would like this letter to convey the happiness that a farmer feels when he really can have material prosperity and also good health, a reality that for many years has disappeared from the man in the country side in High Huallaga and in other areas.”

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