Benito Palermo García Mendoza’s Story

Hualtaco II, Tambogrande
San Lorenzo, Piura, Peru
South America


“I have a four ha farm with mangoes, lemon, avocado and floriculture. With the ‘El Nino’ rains of ’98 the avocado trees became very sick and half dead. They lost their leaves, and then only the trunk was left. When we implemented the Homa Therapy on our farm the trees came back to life. Now they are sprouting and in their second flowering, which already shows it’s beginning.”

“In the lemon cultivation an improvement has been noticed in all senses. There is more production, bigger size and no pests at all. Not even the “Red Mite”, which already disappeared after the first fumigation with the Agnihotra-ash-water solution.”

“Before we started with Homa Therapy, the flowers of our garden lost their life in little time. We had to apply fertilizer almost every month or month and a half so that they would reproduce. But still plants died. Three months back, just before we started with the Homa Therapy, we could not afford any more to buy the fertilizers. The flowers withered away, others were dying. On 27 January, 1999 we began to practise Homa Therapy. And we are observing a lot of difference. The flowers are beautiful. I fumigate the garden with the ash-solution and the plants stopped dying, they are improving. The ones that were sick are sprouting again. We have a continuous flower production. Every day we can cut flowers and sell them.”

“A mango tree, variety Eduard, caught our attention. He already had several mangoes of a half-kilo in this time, when there are normally no mangoes. Right now this plant has mangoes.All mango trees are beautiful with an intense green color. The new plantation of the mangoes is growing quickly, beautiful and the new leaves that are sprouting are perfectly clean. They have no pests or diseases.”

“Also the new plantation of the mangoes, which is almost two years old, is growing healthy and faster with Homa Therapy.”

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