Maria Panta’s Story

Homa Farm: Superior Technological Institute of Sullana
Ceneguillo, Sullana
Piura, Peru
South America


“I am director of the Superior Technological Institute of Sullana. In spite of not practicing at all the Om Tryambakam Homa, only Agnihotra, we have been able to observe in a short time control of pests and diseases in our plantations and cultivations.”

“There is a reduction in the attack of the “Acarus del Tostado” in citrus fruits.”

“The papaya cultivation that we have planted, when we started Homa Therapy is completely healthy. There are no pests or diseases in this plantation.”

“I have visited our adjacent cotton field and it is totally healthy. There is a lot of biological control. An absolute (100%) control is observed over plagues and diseases.”

“The bean cultivation is totally healthy, it has developed a natural, biological control. We previously have had always problems with this cultivation. The last cultivation was attacked at the end with powdery mildew, even though we sowed it with manure, used fertilizers and pesticides.”

“Also for the first time we have observed our sheep jumping the fence the same day they are born, because they are bigger and have more vitality, even though through the economic crisis we are not able to give them any supplementary food concentrate or anything of that style. And we have had only females.”

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