Carlos Augusto Pajuelo’s Story

Homa Farm: El Cerezo
Piura, Peru
South America


“I planted 10,000 Mango trees, variety Kent in 30 hectares in 1997. But we lost all the production in Piura with the climatic changes of “El Nino” in 1998. Banks were not giving loans either. However, in 2001, while I was the Director of the Office of the Ministry of Agriculture in Piura, I was fortunate to learn about the Agro Homa Supertechnology and decided to apply it in my farm.”

“The situation of the farm was critical, since there was not enough water, fertilization and appropriate management. The plantation was 4 years old with zero production. The Mango usually produces after 3 years. The following chart shows what happened with Homa application on my farm:”

Harvest Period

Production (kg)

2000 – 2001


2001 – 2002


2002 – 2003


2003 – 2004


2004 – 2005


2005 – 2006


2006 – 2007


2007 – 2008


“As you can see, there is a continuous increase in the production of an excellent, tasty and well paid fruit in the international market. Now, we added 22 hectares of organic banana and a packaging building. Dole is buying and exporting our fruits.”

“Besides greater and healthy production, the Agro Homa Supertechnology fruit is excellent, organic, ecological and exportable. Homa also provides an excellent working atmosphere.”

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