Francisco Roman’s Story

Sector ‘Santa Rosa’
Huápalas, Chulucanas
Piura, Peru
South America


“I have three and half hectares, almost all lemon. We have begun with the Homa Therapy on February of this year, 1999. My farm was in a bad shape. I was discouraged working, because everything was so bad. I needed to buy lots of insecticides, but our economic situation was so bad, that we could not do the necessary fumigations. Just at that time the Homa Therapy arrived and we took advantage of this Therapy.”

“Mites, quick decline virus, sooty bark, leaf miners and several other pests and diseases attacked the lemon trees. Right now they are recovering with the Homa Therapy. The lemon fruits have developed a lot. Before they were small, but now they are beautiful and much bigger. The quality and the quantity of the fruits have increased. The fruits that are inside the 40 hectares area, which is treated with Homa Therapy are developing well, in contrary the other ones outside the area are small.”

“The new papaya plants are totally healthy, the virosis and gummosis (phytophthora), which we had before in the papayas and was transferred from generation to generation is no longer. The yucca and the corn have also developed better.”

“We use a tablespoon of Agnihotra ash in 4 liters of water and we let it sit for 3 days and then we apply it to the trees as a spray or fumigation. This application heals the sick plants.”

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