Frits Ringma – Om Shree Dham

Homa Farm: Om Shree Dham
Hunter Valley, NSW

saline water

“We had a bore well drilled, despite indications that there were no underground streams on our farm. Sub-artesian water was found at forty meters (130 Feet). It was laboratory tested and found to be HIGHLY SALINE AND ALKALINE. The pH was 9.5 and the salinity measured 1150 ppm.”

“So, we performed AGNIHOTRA near the bore well and regularly placed AGNIHOTRA ASH into the bore well.”

“The State Department of Water Resources was conducting regular tests on the bore wells in our area and we were all amazed to see that the salinity and alkalinity reduced with each lab report until finally after about 6 months we had POTABLE DRINKING WATER.”

“Now the pH is constant at 7.2 which is neutral and the salinity is 720 ppm, within the standards laid down by the World Health Organization for potable water.”

Frits’ video testimony

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