Ravindra Wadekar’s Story

Homa Farm: Yadnyanagar
Village: Talwade, Tehsil: Rajapur, District: Ratnagiri
Maharashtra, India

cashew nut

Report from P.S. Kadam B.Sc. (Agri)
Officer, Agricultural Dept.
Pachal, Rajapur, Dist: Ratnagiri

Report on Cashew Nut trees

“I recently visited the Yadnyanagar Homa Farm of Shri Ravindra Wadekar in Talwade village. During the visit I inspected the Cashew Nut crop (which at the moment is in the flowering stage). Following are my observations:

  • Cashew Nut crop in Yadnyanagar is totally free of the (tea) mosquito bug.
  • Normally this insect is found in every field of Cashew Nut.
  • To control this insect, the farmer normally has to spray all crop two or three times with strong chemicals such as Cyphermethrin and Monocrotophos.
  • Even after spraying with these chemicals total control is never achieved.”
  • But this farm is completely free of this insect pest.

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