Homa Farm Enríquez in Quevedo, Los Rios, Ecuador

 Invited by banana farmer, Edwin Enríquez, his sister Olga and his family, we arrived in Quevedo. Edwin and Olga had started with the Agnihotra practice a few months ago. After wonderful experiences in health, they are getting ready to implement the Homa Agricultural Super Technology on their farm.

(Photos above: Mr. Edwin giving his Homa healing testimony in front of the guests;
practice of Agnihotra)

Olga Enriquez took us at 4 am from Quevedo to Vinces to arrive in time for sunrise Agnihotra. We were received by Mother Sara, her husband, Naturopath Dr. Luis Carriel and a group of 60 people, many of them from remote areas.

 Agnihotra and Homa teaching at the Homa Center Finca la Zenaida, where patients daily participate and practice Agnihotra for their health and well-being.

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