Homa Farms are Covered by a Protective Shield

Lee and Frits Ringma,
Homa Therapy Association of Australia
Homa farm
"Om Shree Dham" (O.S.D.)
Sweetmans Creek, NSW, Australia

The Homa Biosphere seemingly acting as ‘a ring-pass-not’ giving Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre at Sweetmans Creek, NSW, protection.

Photo below left: The dark shading are the 2 bush fires. The one on the left is massive. The one on the right came up to 1 km away. The lighter green shading represents bushland that was as dry as kindling yet the fire did not traverse towards us.
Below right: O.S.D. cow paddock in drought and saturated in smoke. There was no feed for the cows in the paddock but by Grace we were always supplied with hay.

Frits and Lee comment about the following testimonial of Ms. Jessica Cowley-Martin, which shows how we are helping each other in these times of crisis:
    "Actually the testimonial from Jessica about being protected from a supernatural bush fire came at a very important time for us and helped us to sustain faith.
    She phoned us just after the event and told us what had transpired. It was so important for us to hear as we were surrounded by enormous fire coverage and it was not easy to stay free of fear and full of faith even though intrinsically we knew we were safe. Every day we were saturated with smoke and had to wear masks. And every day we were alert to whether we would need to evacuate. This went on for about 2 months or more!"

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