Dharma Holistic House, Chame, Panamá

Cristina Sanchez
Dharma Holistic House
Chame, Panamá, Central America
I want to share with you that we are practicing Agnihotra, especially in the afternoons, for 6 months here in this premise and I am really very happy, because I wanted to do a Homa experiment with these hibiscus plants. They were all sown at the same time, but to the first 2 plants I put Agnihotra ash.
(see photos below)

And as you can see, they are more robust, bigger, more vital and have flowers.
The others have no flowers and are small.

It’s something amazing and it is a real experience.
This is for me the evidence that Homa Therapy really works!

Photos to the right:
1) Cristina in front of the Agnihotra ash-fed hibiscus plant
2) First hibiscus from the left received Agnihotra ash and stands out from the other hibiscus in all aspects.

We ourselves have also experienced changes. Our mind is calmer and we are more relaxed. In my mental processes, I am more comfortable, more happy. I no longer pass tantrums. I take things slowly. Before, I was very bad tempered, quite terrible, terrible. But I learned to handle things calmly. I see things with more love. I’ve changed.
I have really changed and everyone can see this. I was very spoiled, mostly with a frowny face, very serious.

I now have other priorities. What made me happy before, does not anymore.

Now I prefer to practice Agnihotra at home on a Friday or Saturday night, since going out does not catch my attention any more.
I feel happy. I really have found a calmness and inner peace that I didn’t feel before.
Obviously, I think this is because I practice Agnihotra.

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